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R.E.A.CH INTERNATIONAL began its efforts in January 1998 with the sponsorship of one little four year old boy from St. Lucia named Junior; who had been abandoned by his family and forced to live on his own. Through our support, Junior was provided with essential needs: food, shelter, health care and education.

From these humble beginnings, R.E.A.CH INTERNATIONAL has grown to become a recognized and registered Canadian charity whose efforts assist the poor right here in Canada and in countries such as St. Lucia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, & San Salvador. Along with much needed financial support, we provide school supplies, books, uniforms, vitamins, medicine, health care, clothing, tuition bursaries, tutoring, computers and other necessities.

R.E.A.CH strives to focus on efficient and effective delivery of funds and programs that directly impact the poor, with the goal of helping individuals and families help themselves.

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Mission Statement: To provide the means for the poor to attain health, education and housing,
leading to independence - while honoring personhood, culture and an individual's right to self-determination. Terms and Conditions | Privacy and Security Statement

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